You are not alone. We can assist you with a variety of adoption needs.

For over 45 years, the law office of Johnson May formerly May, Browning, and May in Twin Falls and Boise, Idaho has helped hundreds of birth mothers and prospective adoptive parents find solutions to their adoption needs. As adoption lawyers with over 45 years of combined experience, we recognize the emotional nature of what is involved and provide several resources to assist in adoption. With all the complexities of adoption law, you will feel supported by one of the top adoption law firms in the State of Idaho at your side. Our attorneys provide thorough, personalized, and affordable legal services to adoptive parents, and birth parents, in a professional and supportive environment.

The adoption cases we manage include infants, children with special needs/disability, foster, grandparent, private, contested, interstate, stepparent, relative, adult, a same-sex couple, and single-parent adoptions.

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