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Before filing a lawsuit against your tenant for nonpayment of rent or property damages, it’s essential to understand landlord-tenant law at the state and federal levels. Idaho has specific and unique landlord-tenant laws to protect the tenant and landlord, but if there should be a dispute, a real estate attorney can handle it accordingly.

For example, if tenants have not paid their rent and the landlord wishes to evict them, they can pursue an expedited eviction described in Idaho Code §§ 6-310 through 6-311D. In this case, the tenant would receive a summons and complaint, and a trial would be scheduled within 12 days on the landlord’s behalf. One of our attorneys can assist with this process, from drafting the statement to representing in court. Johnson May Law is one of the only firms in the area that handles evictions.


Evictions are just one of the legal issues landlords may encounter, and in many instances, working with an experienced attorney can help simplify the process and ensure you are protected.

Here are some of the other services we provide to landlords and property management companies:

  • Drafting & Reviewing Lease Agreements
  • Security Deposits and Returns
  • Landlord Access to Rental Property
  • Eviction Proceedings
  • Termination for Violation of Lease
  • Legal Advice on Landlord-Tenant Law

This firm represents landlords in these cases. If you are a tenant, please contact the Idaho Housing & Finance Association ( Contact our real estate attorneys today for representation on eviction proceedings and advice on landlord-tenant law.

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